As studies in interactive choreography given sculptural form, my artworks combine a high level of hand crafting with traditional materials such as bamboo, with robotics technology and electronics and contemporary materials like carbon fiber, stainless steel and silicon solar cells. Using wireless communication, they interact with each other in motion and sound, creating their own musical language and dance.

Over many years as a computer animation artist, I specialized in modeling motion that emulated the richness of nature, using algorithmic approaches such as “dynamics” and “flocking”.  As a mobilist, I’m using these concepts, along with wireless communication, to generate similar complexities of movement in the physical world (with Nature providing the math), from which emerge endlessly evolving music, motion and group behaviors. The pieces generate their own electricity, with built-in solar cells, to power microprocessors, servo motors and propellers, giving them the ability to move about and make sounds in an improvisational way. 

Mobiles are to me inherently alluring, and embody the fantasies of flight and weightlessness, living in a state of constantly changing balance. They seem an ideal vehicle for the imagination of a better future for the planet; my works are expressions of joy, infusing movement and hope into their environments.